Hoover Institution Digital Annual Report

The Hoover Institute is a Stanford University-based libertarian think tank whose fellows have included Condolezza Rice and sitting Secretary of Defense General James Mattis among many others. Hoover approached me to design their first-ever digital annual report based on their existing print report design. From the start, we chose a single-page, long-scroll format; the challenge was to translate a 64-page print piece into an online format that could be navigable, consumable, and speak to the variety of Hoover's work.

My inspiration for the interactive behavior was the celebrated long-form interactive work of the New York Times—particularly their much-lauded feature on antidrug homicides in the Philippines (warning: contains graphic images!).

“Maria was extremely helpful in both executing our vision for the project and guiding us toward a first-class experience for our users.”
Kyle Palermo, Marketing Communications Manager

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