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PHI works to improve the quality of residential care by improving the lives of the workers who provide that care. Working for Constructive, I led the effort to overhaul the PHI site's user experience and visual design based on PHI's new understanding of their audiences, and on a recent visual rebrand.

“Maria is, quite simply, the best designer I’ve ever worked with. Not just because of her creative abilities and skill with the fundamentals of effective visual and UX design—but also because she’s a smart, strategic thinker who embraces complexity, understands content, and knows how to translate organizational goals into valuable brand experiences.”
Matthew Schwartz, Constructive

Information Architecture

PHI's work is strongly divided into three relatively siloed areas: services, policy research, and advocacy—with fairly little audience overlap. Their challenge was to make their site intuitive for these non-overlapping audiences—presenting their service pitch while simultaneously positioning themselves as a storehouse and destination for current research and data on the demographics, wages and labor conditions of care workers; and effectively advocating for improved labor practices. With 26 templates and 12 content types, including a research publications library and an interactive data center, the robust new site offers a much improved experience for both visitors and content creators.


Based on PHI's recent visual rebrand, my visual design approach takes a nontraditional route with a persistent, left-side, vertical navigation that uses a "drill-down" behavior—common in mobile interfaces—to help focus visitor attention at the current information level. A break-the-grid layout helps soften and add warmth to an otherwise dry content and messaging.

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